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Crush, and Confusion.

April 20, 2020 | Life, Love, Romance | 1 Comment

Isn’t it funny how just one little phone call or text can make your bad day suddenly wonderful!
– Nishan Panwar

Every time you get a text, you hope it’s from her or him. You unlock your phone to find that it’s a text in your friends’ group. You become disappointed, and just about you’re about to put aside your phone, that text from that person, which you have been waiting for appears. You open up the chat and reply as fast as possible. Then you wait, for the reply. The other person is online, and you keep waiting for that “typing…” but, it soon changes to “Last seen: “. And that is only a small emotional coaster that you experience.

The period of crush is full of confusion. You have no idea if your crush likes you, or worst, hates you. You try to make conclusions out of every act of theirs, and end up with 10-20 scenarios in your mind. You think that the person is talking to someone else who is much more important than you. Then you get a text from that person and you start feeling good again. You get confused at their acts. “That little smile she gave me – is it a sign? or is it just normal? or maybe she did that just to avoid getting into a conversation with me?” You start finding signs in almost everything. And so, become confused, cause one thing gives rise to hundreds of types of signs.

Just thinking about you brings a smile to face, a twinkle to my eye, and a skipped beat to my heart.
– Ash Sweeney

All these strange feelings that you get during this “crush” period, trust me, once you get into a relationship, these feelings will not be the same. Although it will be better in a relationship, but there’s something strange about these feelings during the crush. It’s as if although they are complicating your life, yet, you like this type of complexity. Although you don’t know if they are texting you first or not, yet, that very little thought, be it the one in thousandth thoughts, that single thought of being the first person they reply back, surely give you a wide strange type of smile on your lips, you blush. Although they didn’t talk to you the entire day, yet you feel them while watching the warm orange sunset on your ride back home. You fell the warmth of the sun slowly take a human form and hold your hand, as you enjoy the gentle breeze, as gentle as the words coming out of their lips.

Once this period goes, it won’t come back. So enjoy it while it lasts! Enjoy the little windy touches made by the breeze with a feather you feel on your shoulder, that you consider being theirs. Enjoy the hiccups you get while eating, thinking they are remembering you. Enjoy the rush you feel to check if it’s a notification having their name every time your phone lights up. Enjoy yourself imagining you and your crush sitting on the lap of the mountains, on a cold evening, wrapped in a blanket, with a campfire in front. Enjoy the blushy smiles you get every time their thought comes to you. Enjoy getting lost in their thoughts, enjoy all those moments you spend wishing to have your crush with you. Enjoy all the confusions you get after overthinking about your crush, cause once solved, they won’t give you the same restlessness as now! Enjoy the “Does she like me? or does she hate me?” Enjoy all those tries you make, just to see your crush, to be with them. Enjoy the smile you get while looking at Facebook notifications having their name on. Crush, in itself, is one of the sweetest feelings which, if not enjoyed, leaves out a huge blank in our lives. No matter what the outcome is, always remember,

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened!
– Dr. Seuss

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